18 July, 2019
Iraqi Ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Ali Al-Amiri, welcomes the Chairman at his office in the Iraqi Embassy

Answering the invitation addressed to the Chairman of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut, the Iraqi Ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Ali Al-Amiri, welcomed on Thursday 18/7/2019 Dr. Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem, Chairman of IDB Iraq, at the Iraqi Embassy commending his good efforts for always being present in all economic forums, presenting the communication ways and constantly tackling the issues concerning the better of Iraq, the Iraqi economy and scaling up the International Development Bank, notably through serving Iraq from his representative office in Lebanon.

Mr. Al-Amiri also discussed all cooperation opportunities in the economic sector by ensuring that the Embassy is prepared to give all types of support and thanked the Chairman for accepting the invitation, while praising the International Development Bank reputation among the Lebanese banking community.


And at the end of the meeting, Dr. Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem expressed his appreciation and thanked the Iraqi Ambassador, Mr. Ali Al-Amiri for his warm welcoming, his support and care for creating a remarkable change in the performance and presence of IDB in the Iraqi banking sector to stand out among the Arab surrounding and meet the Iraqi reputation.