17 September, 2019
Honoring the Chairman by giving him the Arab Investor Award in the field of institutional governance in the French capital, Paris.

H.E. Dr. Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem, Chairman of IDB Iraq, is achieving a series of remarkable successes to leave new imprints for the International Development Bank. In September 2019, the 4th International Arab Investor Forum was held at the UNESCO headquarters in the French Capital, Paris.


Several remarkable figures were honored, like scientists, economists, pioneers, innovators and leading companies on both individual and corporate levels, tackling all distinguished people in innovation, green applications, social equality and institutional governance. H.E. Dr. Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem, Chairman of IDB Iraq, was one of the honored figures since the International Development Bank is seen as an economic institution distinguished for applying institutional governance and prudent management and for the proven efforts of Mr. Ziad in enhance the banking work standards. Dr. Farouk El-Baz, President of the Forum, presented the award to Dr. Ziad along with Mr. Nazim Sabah, General Secretary of the Forum in consort with Afriplast Mauritania company, with the evaluation of the Professor and Senior Advisors of the Arab Investor Forum, which formed specialized arbitration committees of the highest experts, and in cooperation with the Australian University of Wollongong in Dubai to evaluate the potential companies and individuals and according to scientific and statistical criteria for selecting in the end a remarkable person from Iraq in particular and honor him and his developmental journey full of achievements. This is considered a kind of international recognition to the weight of this individual and the award presented and a way for opening new horizons starting from France with the International Iraqi Musician, Naseer Shamma, an Artist and Peace Ambassador for UNESCO and with those honored in this forum, including Dr. Farouk Alba, the first Arab to enter the NASA and Dr. Fares Saeed from the United Arab Emirates representing Dubai Municipality for sustainable development for its services and activities in the community.


The forum was launched in the presence of distinguished Arab personalities and a great competition between companies, banks and international Arab organizations that were divided into two categories: companies and individuals. This forum is considered an international platform that allows all members of the Arab Investor Award to cross the world and achieve sustainable development successes serving communities in bringing high-tech knowledge and achieving promising, hard-working and credible investment opportunities, aiming to enhance the capabilities of Arab figures in the Arab world and paving the way for those to whom it has been granted to stand on the first step of achieving global peace.


On the following day, the Chairman of the Board of Directors participated as a speaker in the panel discussion in the field of institutional governance, along with Dr. Jamil Jaroudi, Chief Executive of Bahrain's Elaf Bank (as interlocutor), Mr. Madani Alaqi, Saudi Minister of State, Former Minister of State, Dr. Josiane Fahd, Academic and Researcher in the field of family activities at the American University of Beirut and Mr. Karim El Gammal from the Arab Republic of Egypt.