Board of Directors 

Board of Directors

Mr. Ziyad Khalaf Abed Kareem
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ziad Khalaf acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors of International Development Bank for trade and finance (“IDB”) since 2015. He is the co-founder of IDB established in 2011 and played an active role in leading IDB through both prosperous and challenging times to its current status as a widely recognized leading Iraqi and regional bank.

He also currently acts as the Chairman of “Al Sharq” for insurance and a sole owner to a number of companies in various sectors including automotive; electronic payments; manufacturing.

Being the eldest in the third generation of an Iraqi family with Baghdadi origins and a well-built track record of more than 50 years of experience in the domain of manufacturing; construction and trade; Mr. Ziad Khalaf has been engaged in several investment projects with more than 20 years of experience in contracting and trade business.

He was educated in Iraq at Baghdad University of Technology and completed a Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering. He started his career in Banking in 2011 with special focus special focus in strategic planning and corporate governance.

His Presidency of 4 years at IDB regarded as the "Golden Period" as he introduced advanced technology, lead the bank to establish strategic and long-term partnerships with Visa & MasterCard; and the first of any bank in Iraq to establish Representative offices in UAE and Lebanon and established comprehensive and advanced infrastructure and IT controls in the Bank wide operations.

Mr. Ziad Khalaf thrived to establish a conclusive strategy based on solid controls and procedures in line with the economic and political situation in Iraq. He has succeeded in empowering IDB to become in the forefront of Iraqi banks in the provision of E-services and a sound and solid liquidity and financial position.

Mr. Ziad Khalaf is the recipient of several honors and awards, including, in October 2017, an Honorary Award “Excellence in Wise Management” and in October 2016 Honorary Award “Most Innovative and Technological Bank” by the Union of Arab Banks.

Mr. Mahmood Mohammed Al-Barazenchi
Vice Chairman

Mr. Al-Barazenchi has over 50 years of banking experience in prominent banks and financial institutions in Iraq. He was the deputy general manager of Al Raffidain Bank, the former Managing Director of both Baghdad Bank and Kurdistan International Bank. He also served as financial banking expert in the Trade Bank of Iraq. Mr. Al-Barazenchi graduated from University of Baghdad with BSc in English Literature.

Mr. Fouad Mohammed Al-Jawahri
Member & Managing Director

Mr. Al-Jawahri has over 50 years of banking experience with Financial Institutions. He held many managerial positions in the Central Bank of Iraq, in addition to serving in a leadership position in Al-Bilad Islamic Bank, Mr. Al-Jawahri holds a BSc in Accounting from University of Baghdad.

Abdul Razzaq Abul wahab Ali
Board Member

Consultant Engineer in Building , Roads & Bridges Construction for more than (25) years. Besides another (25) years works as director General in Roads & Bridge organization & Iraqi port organization & Arab Bridge Maritime Company & planning & follow up office in transportation Ministry He work s in I.D.B since 2014 as Engineeing & administration advisor . He was chosen as Board member at 25/02/2018

Saad Faeq AbdulAzeez
Board Member

• Achievement: Bachelor of Statistics, Master of Computer Science. University of Salford / United Kingdom. Experience increases than 38 years.
• Expert and Consultant in IT, and Banking systems as well as insurance systems.
• IT Executive Manager at Rafidain Bank.
• Executive Director of Banking Cards Technology at Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank.
• Executive Director of Information Technology at the International Development Bank.
• Experience in Electronic Payment Systems since 2012.
• CEO and then consultant in the Arab Payment Services Company (APS).

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